Thursday, 26 July 2018

ACTIVITIES - 2016-17

                             DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY
1.     22nd July, 2016 - Guest Lecture On Diversified Aquaculture And Agriculture by Bandaru Srinivasa Rao, Aqua Farmer, ICAR Awardee, NG Ranga Diversified Agriculture, Guntur 

 2.     24th September, 2016- Organised a Voluntary Blood Donation Awareness Programme. Dr. T. V. S. N. Sastry, Additional DM & HO, Krishna Dt, Vijayawada addressed the gathering.

3.     30th November, 2016 – HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme. Dr. Madan Mohan,  Chief Medical Officer, Red Cross Blood Bank, Vijayawada was the resource person for the programme.

4.     1st December, 2016, organised a rally on the occasion of World AIDS Day on HIV/AIDS in collaboration with RRC & NSS of our college.

5.  25th January 2016, organised the biological tour with Botany Department to visit and have personal experience on Poultry farm (Prathuru), Birds Sanctuary  (Uppalapadu), Animal Husbandry and Agricultural University(Lam), Guntur 

6.     8th February, 2017 organised a Guest lecture on Ornamental Fish Culture – Construction of fish tanks and its maintenance. Ghar and Sansar shop owner Mahesh Agarwal, demonstrated the whole process and helped us to set our Department aquarium.

7.     21st February, 2017, arranged a guest lecture on Water Analysis by Mr. T. Vidya Sagar, Senior Environmental Scientists, AP Pollution Control Board, VIJAYAWADA. 

Visit of Officials to our Zoology Museum

   8. DECEMBER 6,7,8th Students participated in various competitions conducted by Gora Science Exhibition and won prizes. 

Sunday, 15 July 2018


   1. On 7-7-2017 Department of zoology organised a Guest lecture on "SCOPE OF ZOOLOGY IN         HIGHER EDUCATION" by Dr.V. SUBHASHINI HOD Department of Zoology KBN College      Vijayawada.

2. ON 24-07-2017 Department of Zoology in collaboration with IIIT Gachibowli Hyderabad organised a one day state level workshop on "ECOLOGICAL DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS"
Dr .P. Rama Chandra Prasad Pro:IIIT Gachibouli Hyderabad giving a lecture on ecological data collection.

Dr.Sr.P. Japamalai Haed Department of Zoology Maris Stella College Vijayawada presenting a lecture on va 

Collecting data in a unit area of an Ecosystem.

3.On 10-08-2017 Departments of Botany, Zoology and Biotechnology in collaboration with APPCB has organised One Day State Level Seminar on "SHAPE YOUR FUTURE WITH CLEAN AND GREEN ENVIRONMENT".
Dr.B. Madhusudhana Rao JCEE APPCB VJA presenting a lecture on proceting environment by using bio degradable products.

  On 23/8/2017 Department of Zoology in Collaboration with APPCB released a poster on Eco-friendly usage of materials for Vinayaka Chavithi.


ON 24/8/17 Departments of Biology Eco club and Bio club in collaboration with APPCB distributed clay Ideals to students staff and public for celebrating Eco Friendly Vinayaka Chavathi.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

ACTIVITIES - 2015-16

                   2015-16 DEPARTMENTAL ACTIVITIES 
On 13th & 14th of  August,  2015 Departments  of Botany , zoology and Biotechnology Organised Biological Science  Exhibition. 200 exhibits were displayed on environmental issues, disease causing agents, water analysis, Seri culture, vermincompost, soil analysis, Kolleru lake model, Instruments & various live models Displayed.

On 28th August ,2015 Occasion of World Malaria/Mosquito Day Department of Zoology organised awareness programme in collaboration with Malaria Department, Health Department  and VMC displayed various models charts and larval forms of different types of mosquitoes Exhibited.

Dept. of Botany  Zoology  Biotechnology  organized a Biological Tour on 30-11-15 as part of the curriculum for third year B.Sc (CBZ and BIO TECH) to Poultry unit, sericulture unit, palm oil & coconut industry.


To Commemorate World AIDS Day on 1st December, 2015 The Dept. of Zoology organized poster presentation to create awareness on AIDS and how to protect oneself from the virus.

Dept .of Zoology has encouraged students to participate and present models on GREEN HOUSE and ORGANIC FARMING  in Science Awareness Exhibition conducted at Gora Science Atheist Centre ,VJA.  On  2-4th December 2015. Students has won ‘B’ Grade member certificate.

On  2nd February 2016 Dept. Zoology observed as World Wet Land Day, to make aware of students about wet lands, we department pupil displayed models of Lake Kolleru,  Krishna Dt, A.P.

To commemorate World Cancer Day on 4th February 2016, the Dept. Of Zoology organised poster presentation on various types of cancers, and by Wearing Pink Ribbon to observe Cancer Day as a symbol.

ACTIVITIES - 2016-17

                               DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2016 – 2017           1.       22...